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The next issue of NIX.CZ's newsletter has been published

The new issue of the Czech peering node’s quarterly newsletter is here. It shares information about the NIX.SK node, this Slovak peering node has been acquired by NIX.CZ at the beginning of the year. The second article gives an account of the third annual CEE Peering Day which welcomed a record number of attendees interested in current hot topics of the industry this year. The final article remembers the first anniversary of the FENIX project.


Record Attendance at the CEE Peering Day 2015 Conference

The third annual CEE Peering Day was held in the Slovakian capital, Bratislava, on 18th and 19th of March. The event welcomed more than 200 representatives of the ISP, IXP and data center operators from all over the world to share their experience with current topics related to peering. The NIX.CZ Association announced the opening of the NIX.SK peering node and unveiled its plans related to the development of this exchange.

Traditionally, the third edition of the CEE Peering Day was organized in a co-operation between NIX.CZ and The Czech Republic was represented by the following speakers: Martin Semrád and Adam Golecký from NIX.CZ, Andrea Kropáčová from the National Security team CSIRT.CZ, members of the FENIX project - Tomáš Hala (ACTIVE 24), Tomas Košnar (CESNET) and Vlastimil Pečinka ( Their presentations as well as those of other presenters are available in PDF on the conference website:


SITELiX Project replaced by NIX.SK: The Czech peering node enters the Slovak market

Bratislava/Prague, 18th March 2015 -- In early January, the Czech Republic’s neutral peering node NIX.CZ announced that it was taking over the running of the SITELiX project, one of the two peering nodes currently active in Slovakia. During today’s Peering Day conference in Bratislava, the Director of NIX.CZ Martin Semrád introduced several new initiatives connected with this move. They include expanding the offer for Slovak networks, a new name (NIX.SK) and the launch of the Route Server service, previously lacking on the Slovak market. All details are available on the website:

The NIX.SK Project (previously SITELiX) remains a neutral peering node dedicated to Slovakia and will not be interconnected with the Czech peering node. NIX.CZ Association will be running the node from Prague, while maintaining a separate organizational unit in Bratislava, mostly for tax-related and administrative reasons.

“Today marks the end of the SITELiX Project and the beginning of NIX.SK. The similarity of the name with NIX.CZ is no coincidence – we would like it to reflect the values and the vision we have been developing in the Czech Republic for more than 18 years. Another important news is the launch of our new Route Server service, which will facilitate creating peering connections for new member companies. We are also expanding the NIX.SK offer to include 100 Gb connections. No such high-capacity connection had previously been available in Slovakia,” said Martin Semrád, the Director of NIX.CZ Association, which runs the NIX.SK peering node.

The Slovakian interconnection market acquires a strong new partner with abundant experience in data transfer between Internet operators. NIX.CZ is also hoping to bring new international content providers to Slovakia, which are currently active in the Czech Republic and elsewhere, in order to improve their interconnections with Slovak networks.

More information about the NIX.SK Project is available on or in the press release announcing the expansion of NIX.CZ to the Slovak market published in January of this year, which can be found in the News section of the Association’s website.