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The second quarterly Newsletter of NIX.CZ has been issued

The second issue of the Czech national peering node’s quarterly newsletter brings news about the rebranding of the FENIX project on May 22. Furthermore it informs its readers about the NIX.CZ presentations at important international events such as the RIPE NCC SEE3 conference in Sofia (Bulgaria)  and introduces another partner of the Partner Programme,ČD Telematika. 


Fenix is the new name of the Secure VLAN project

Prague, 22nd May 2014 – Fenix, based on the mythical indestructible Phoenix bird, is the new name of the NIX project known to the Czech and general audience under the name Secure VLAN. Alongside with the new name, the representatives of the Czech peering node revealed the new logo and brand of the project at the Internet and Technologies ’14 conference today. Each company partaking in the project which goal is a greater protection against the DoS and DDoS attacks. Currently the following six companies are involved in the project: ACTIVE 24, CESNET, CZ.NIC, Dial Telecom, and Telefónica ČR.


We have been talking of the next steps regarding the branding of the project from the very beginning. Creation of an official name, a logo and an icon that can be used by the partaking companies was just a natural development” said Martin Semrád, the executive director of NIX.CZ. “The logo originates in the triangular structure of the NIX.CZ logo and it depicts the flying Phoenix. The brand name consists of two sets of letters (2-3), the second set carries the name of the organization which initialized the project.”


The goal of the Secure VLAN/Fenix project is a greater protection against DoS and DDoS type attacks on popular Internet services in the Czech Republic. The project originates at NIX.CZ, the Czech peering node, and is kind of a reaction to last year’s (March) intensive DoS attacks. Companies signing up for this project, by doing so, clearly indicate their resolution to make the network security in the Czech Republic higher and ensure a bigger safety for their customers.


Abouth the legendary bird and the name of the security project


The characteristic of the mythical bird is its ability to renew itself; it starts with a self-destruction in fire (metaphorically speaking, in reality this would mean the project’s member’s disconnection from the Internet) in order to rise from ashes (allowing the project member to reconnect to the Internet ones the attacks are over). Among other alleged characteristics of Phoenix is that it cannot be found as the place where it lives is mysterious and undiscovered (the same way are the members of the trusted network hidden from a potential attacker in case they decide to go into hiding).