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NIX.CZ offers new ports for two months free of charge

As many people are now working remotely, this is putting unusual strain on Internet networks, which may cause capacity problems. The Board of Directors of NIX.CZ has decided to offer new ports free of charge for two months, by which the Czech neutral peering node wants to help, when a large part of the country relies on services provided over the Internet.

 “We are aware that a large part of the population is currently working from home, which is generating a great strain on our members’ and customers’ networks. Therefore, anyone who orders new ports or upgrades existing ones in the next 30 days, will receive this capacity for two months free of charge. After this period, it will also be possible to cancel these ports free of charge. We will continue to monitor the development and, if necessary, come up with another form of assistance,” says Adam Golecký, Director of NIX.CZ.