summary of changes and new features

Release 231102


  • eMoji - icon support in comments and chats
  • Checkout statuses are displayed only if there is a "check-in" type subevent
  • Busy for the day - added feature to automatically reject all unconfirmed appointments
  • Favorites + possibility of filtering and mass invitation to a meeting from the participants tab
  • Detection of meetings where only participants from the same company remain (can decide whether to delete or keep it)
  • Custom meeting notes and report generation
  • vCard - option to share contacts
  • Share meeting schedule
  • Push notifications
  • Graphically improved mouseover for meeting participants
  • Autoscrolling - when returning from the meeting detail, the dashboard automatically scrolls to where the user was before he clicked on the meeting detail.
  • Added a blue back button to the meeting detail and other minor GUI improvements
  • Updated frontend help
  • Minor bug fixes

Administrative part

  • Added a button that checks all meetings and assigns one to those that do not yet have an assigned location
  • Added the option to manually send emails from the queue
  • New email template "Event invite reminder"
  • New "Global Configuration" module
  • Added the function of creating your own information email templates with the option to send only to selected participants
  • Written detailed documentation
  • Added option to manually set user password
  • Set a limit of 100 records when automatically generating timeslots and locations
  • Added event cleanup and deletion