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NIX.CZ allows you to connect, interact and share in whole new ways.

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Current data flow of connected nodes
764.8 Gbps
Capacity 15.7 Tbps
Maximum 2.5 Tbps
Networks 214
on rs 94%
The organizers of CSNOG meeting have announced a Call for Abstracts; potential speakers may register in three program sections

Today, the organizers of the seventh annual meeting of Czech, Slovak and other network operators group, CSNOG 2024, announced a Call for Abstracts and a Call for Partners. …

Recently connected networks

AS: 25198
From: Aug. 30, 2023
Orange Polska S.A.
Allegro sp. z o.o.
AS: 31621
From: July 25, 2023
Orange Polska S.A.
Cato Network (UK) Limited
AS: 13150
From: July 23, 2023
Orange Polska S.A.
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In 2020, we started planning a new topology of the NIX.CZ infrastructure from a virtualized star to a leaf-spine topology using Virtual Extensible LAN. This change ensures higher stability of the entire peering platform and, last but not least, simplifies further development. Thanks to the topology modified in this way, we were able to connect other locations - Bratislava and Vienna, and distribute data flows optimally. The technology change allowed us to efficiently handle the continued increase in the volume of data transferred.

Due to the high demand for 100GE connections and the growing demand for 400GE connections in 2020, NIX.CZ started deploying Cisco Nexus 9300 access switches.

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