Czech peering node Neutral Internet eXchange

NIX.CZ allows you to connect, interact and share in whole new ways.

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Current data flow of connected nodes
1.7 Tbps
Capacity 18.9 Tbps
Maximum 3.1 Tbps
Networks 216
on rs 95%
NIX.CZ je partnerem 10. ročníku bezpečnostní konference CyberCon

Sdružení NIX.CZ je partnerem letošní jubilejní bezpečnostní konference CyberCon, která se uskuteční od 9. do 11. září v prostorách brněnského výstaviště.

Třídenní program akce je rozdělený na workshopovou část …

Recently connected networks

O2 Czech Republic a.s.
AS: 5610
From: June 20, 2024
O2 Czech Republic a.s.
Riepert Informationstechnologie GmbH
AS: 200970
From: June 5, 2024
Riepert Informationstechnologie GmbH
AS: 44306
From: May 3, 2024
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Our new NIX.CZ leaf-spine topology with VxLAN EVPN brought significant improvements in the stability and scalability of our peering platform. We use modern technologies such as VxLAN for network virtualization and EVPN for effective routing management. The transition from the original virtualized star to the leaf-spine model allowed us to integrate additional locations, including Bratislava, Vienna and Frankfurt, and optimize data flows. By deploying Cisco Nexus 9300 access switches, we responded to the growing demand for high-speed connections (100GE and 400GE), which enabled us to effectively handle the increase in transmitted data and provide top-notch access to our peering platform.

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