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MEET application
for scheduling meetings with conference participants


Are you organizing a conference and need a simple and clear application for visitors to plan meetings, reserve tables and communicate with each other?

Our MEET app offers a solution. Only a web browser is sufficient for operation, so the application can be used from anywhere, even on a mobile device, without the need to install anything.

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Main features
  • Web user interface - only an internet browser is sufficient for operation
  • Reactive, modern application - responds immediately to requests with a minimum number of page reloads
  • Responsive appearance - suitable for use on mobile phones, including the option to switch to a dark appearance
  • Websockets - instant notification of changes and comments made by other users
  • Push Notifications New - Option to set push notifications for multiple devices at once
  • Emailing - sending notification emails directly to users, bulk sending of infomails
  • Multilingualism - can be translated into any language (including support for countries with reversed text direction, e.g. Hebrew)
  • Favorites and bulk eventsNew - Ability to bulk invite multiple participants at once, mark as favorites and filter
  • Backend - for administrators with the possibility to manage the entire event. The administration part is carefully documentedNew
  • Help - the application tries to be as intuitive as possible, but there is still a short help integrated just to be sure
Other functions
  • Automatic detection of free slots of invited participants and table assignment.
  • Group invitation with the possibility to invite the whole company
  • Chats between users and comments for individual meetings
  • List of participants with information on availability directly on the day of the conference according to confirmed check-in
  • iCal export, both collectively of all meetings or just individual meetings.
  • Private notes and report generation New - option to export all meetings including private notes
  • QR codes and code reader for quick check-in at the conference or for sub-events such as dinners, lunches, etc.
  • Custom location - possibility to set up your own meeting place, choose a preferred table, etc.
  • Avatars - option to upload a photo or use a generator from initials
  • Time zone support the application can be used in any time zone.
  • vCardNew - sharing contacts on the participant detail card and via QR code
  • Meeting summary sharingNew - sharing meeting schedule with other participants


Organizations using the MEET application when organizing their events:

Feedback and recommendations

Tim Kleefass / Denog
"Your Meet tool was absolutely convincing and was praised by many attendees. It is clear, easy to use and worked wonderfully for the attendee! Thank you very much with providing it to us!"
"The tech team has been very supportive every time we had questions."

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