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NIX.CZ – Neutral Internet eXchange for the Czech Republic and Beyond!

NIX.CZ, z.s.p.o. (Professional Association of Legal Entities) is a company, which associates Czech, and foreign Internet related businesses in order to mutually interconnect their networks. Access to the company’s infrastructure is enabled through seven collocations in Prague. We also provide services in Bratislava and Vienna.

NIX.CZ is the largest Neutral Internet Exchange Point (IXP) in the Czech Republic. Consistent and meticulous planning, sophisticated technical solutions and a 24/7/365 technical support have led to a failure-free operation of the node. The association has encouraged and facilitated IPv6 protocol- based peering since 2003.

NIX.CZ is a dynamic company, which actively participates in the development of the Internet. Through our General Meetings and Social Events we enable our members and customers to meet, not as competitors but as allies, cooperating on the future of the association.

The NIX.CZ association also organizes free lectures on current technical and regulatory topics for its members.

How to connect to NIX.CZ

Connection to NIX.CZ is possible providing your company becomes a member or a customer of the association. Becoming a member or a customer requires that you meet the formal requirements and you can provide us with the necessary documentation regarding your Autonomous System (AS), etc. The initial requirements are described in the Entry conditions, Operating Rules and in the Articles of Association.

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Recently connected networks
AS: 47110
from: 01.11.2021
AS: 201730
from: 01.11.2021 s.r.o.
AS: 12570
from: 01.10.2021
Internet Praha Josefov s.r.o.
AS: 206784
from: 11.08.2021
OptoNet Communication, spol s.r.o.
AS: 43542
from: 02.07.2021
AS: 47110
from: 01.11.2021
AS: 201730
from: 01.11.2021 s.r.o.
AS: 12570
from: 01.10.2021
Internet Praha Josefov s.r.o.
AS: 206784
from: 11.08.2021


The FENIX project was created by the Czech peering node NIX.CZ and is primarily a reaction to intense DoS attacks targeting Czech internet services, media, banks and operators in March 2013. The purpose of the FENIX project is to ensure the availability of Internet services of the connected entities during a DoS attacks.

A participation in the project is subject to a number of conditions set in the Terms which must be fulfilled by each company wishing to join the project. By joining the FENIX project, the participating organizations have clearly showed their interest in increasing network security and improving their customers’ safety.

The FENIX project is managed by its members themselves. The latter are independent of the NIX.CZ association and have complete decision-making autonomy.

More about FENIX.



Today, NIX.CZ, the Czech neutral peering node, and also one of the largest peering nodes in Europe, celebrates its 25th anniversary. A quarter of a century ago, CESNET, CZECH ON ...

At the June General Meeting of the NIX.CZ Association, Ondřej Filip, Chairman of the Board of Directors, presented a new price list and novelties in terms of ports. “Since the beginning ...

Today, the organizers of the fourth year of the CSNOG 2021 community meeting of administrators of the Czech and Slovak networks announced a Call for Abstracts. Those interested in participating ...

The fourth year of Czech and Slovakian network administrators' community meeting (CSNOG 2021) is going to take place online on October 13 and 14. Purpose of this event which is ...

A short clip on how Internet exchange nodes work

This short video sheds light on the mysteries of how the Internet works and explains the key roles of Internet exchange nodes. Through peering, that is through linking of autonomous systems, the Internet develops. This video was made in a cooperation with EURO-IX and its goal is to present the key role of the Internet exchanges such as NIX.CZ.

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Topology NIX

In 2010, the topology of NIX.CZ Internet Exchange migrated from a “ring” topology to a virtualized “dual star”. This change provided greater stability to the whole peering platform and has also simplified further development. NIX.CZ took advantage of this in 2011, by migrating from the Cisco Catalyst 6509E access switch to the Cisco Nexus 7010 model. The change technology also allowed for continued growth in the volume of transmitted data, as it was expected in the following years. At the same time, the new topology allowed the Association to open the new connection point NIX5, more than 8 years after the opening of the previous one. Because of a high demand for 100GE connections after 2014, NIX.CZ began to implement the Cisco Nexus 7710 access switches. In 2016, NIX.CZ also began running so-called passive points, which have no active technology but make it possible to connect to NIX.CZ using dark fibres.

In mid 2019, NIX.CZ interconnected its nodes in Prague and Bratislava, enabling easy networking between the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This connection is realized by two independent 100GE circuits that are topologically separated.

More about topology.


NIX1 - ČRA DC Tower
Mahlerovy sady 1, Praha 3
1GE, 10GE, 40GE, 100GE

NIX2 - T-Mobile THP
Vinohradská 190, Praha 3
1GE, 10GE, 40GE, 100GE, 400GE

NIX3 - T-Mobile KCP
5.května 65, Praha 4
Single-Mode optical Fiber (SMF)

NIX4 - CE Colo
Nad Elektrárnou 1428/47, Praha 10
1GE, 10GE, 25GE, 40GE, 100GE, 400GE

NIX5 - TTC Teleport DC1
Tiskařská 10, Praha 10
1GE, 10GE, 40GE, 100GE

NIX6 - TTC Teleport DC2
Sazečská 10, Praha 10
Single-Mode optical Fiber (SMF)

NIX7 - DC7 CE Colo
K Pérovně 1616/2, Praha 15-Hostivař
Single-Mode optical Fiber (SMF)

NIX8 - DC Nagano CETIN
K Červenému dvoru 3156/25, Praha 3
Single-Mode optical Fiber (SMF)

SITELPOP1, Kopčianska 20, Bratislava
1GE, 10GE, 25GE, 40GE, 100GE

SITELPOP2, Kopčianska 18, Bratislava
1GE, 10GE, 25GE, 40GE, 100GE

DIGITALIS, Trnavská cesta 110/B, Bratislava
1GE, 10GE, 25GE, 40GE, 100GE

Vienna Interxion, Louis-Häfliger-Gasse 10, 1210 Wien, Austria
1GE, 10GE, 25GE, 100GE