Neutral Internet eXchange for the Czech Republic and Beyond!

NIX.CZ, z.s.p.o. (Professional Association of Legal Entities) is a company which associates Czech and foreign Internet related businesses in order to mutually interconnect their networks. Access to the company’s infrastructure is enabled through several collocations in Prague. We also provide services in Bratislava, Vienna and cooperate with the German Internet Exchange operator DE-CIX.

NIX.CZ is the largest Neutral Internet Exchange Point (IXP) in the Czech Republic. Consistent and meticulous planning, sophisticated technical solutions and a 24/7/365 technical support have led to a failure-free operation of the node.

NIX.CZ is a dynamic company which actively participates in the development of the Internet. Through our General Meetings and Social Events we enable our members and customers to meet, not as competitors but as allies, cooperating on the future of the association.

The NIX.CZ association also organizes free lectures on current technical and regulatory topics for its members.