Network topology


In 2020, we started planning a new topology of the NIX.CZ infrastructure from a virtualized star to a leaf-spine topology using Virtual Extensible LAN. This change ensures higher stability of the entire peering platform and, last but not least, simplifies further development. Thanks to the topology modified in this way, we were able to connect other locations - Bratislava and Vienna, and distribute data flows optimally. The technology change allowed us to efficiently handle the continued increase in the volume of data transferred.

Due to the high demand for 100GE connections and the growing demand for 400GE connections in 2020, NIX.CZ started deploying Cisco Nexus 9300 access switches.

Currently, NIX.CZ uses Cisco Nexus 9300 backbone and access switches in fully redundant configurations in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria.

Available interface types at nodes

NIX1 - ČRA DC Tower
Mahlerovy sady 1, Praha 3
NIX2 - T-Mobile THP
Vinohradská 190, Praha 3
NIX4 - CE Colo
Nad Elektrárnou 1428/47, Praha 10
NIX5 - TTC Teleport DC1
Tiskařská 10, Praha 10
NIX6 - TTC Teleport DC2
Sazečská 10, Praha 10
NIX7 - DC7 CE Colo
K Pérovně 1616/2, Praha 15-Hostivař
SITELPOP1, Kopčianska 20, Bratislava
SITELPOP2, Kopčianska 18, Bratislava
NIX.SK3 - DC Digitalis
DIGITALIS, Trnavská cesta 110/B, Bratislava
Vienna Interxion, Louis-Häfliger-Gasse 10, 1210 Wien, Austria