NIX.CZ Association lowers its port prices again

June 27, 2024

At the NIX.CZ members‘ gathering in June the management representatives of the Czech neutral peering node presented a new price list. It is valid from 1 July 2024 and is already available on the Association's website.

" I am glad that we managed to reduce the prices of the offered ports. In the case of 10 GE and 25 GE ports, the monthly fee has been reduced by 10 percent, from 10 thousand to nine thousand crowns. The 100 GE port is cheaper by 13 percent, with members and customers now paying 26 thousand crowns a month. In the case of the 400 GE connection, the monthly fee has even dropped by 14 percent, from 85 thousand to 73 thousand crowns. I believe that the reduction in port prices is positive news for members and customers of the Association," said Adam Golecký, director of NIX.CZ, regarding the announcement of the new price list.