The NIX.CZ Association celebrates its 25th anniversary, offering its peering services in Prague, Bratislava and Vienna

Aug. 29, 2021

Today, NIX.CZ, the Czech neutral peering node, and also one of the largest peering nodes in Europe, celebrates its 25th anniversary. A quarter of a century ago, CESNET, CZECH ON LINE, Datac, GTS Czech Com, Internet CZ, Podnik výpočetní techniky,  IBM Czech Republic and SPT TELECOM were present at the creation of the Association. Currently, NIX.CZ has 65 members and connects 199 networks not only in the Czech Republic but also in Slovakia (Bratislava) and Austria (Vienna).   "The establishment of the NIX.CZ Association is connected with the abolition of the state monopoly on business in electronic communications. Thanks to the liberalisation of the market, the first ISPs started their business and soon realised, it would be beneficial for business development to have a neutral entity that would serve as an interconnection and data exchange platform. This is how NIX.CZ was created, and has become one of the largest interconnection nodes on the old continent," said Adam Golecký, director of NIX.CZ, who has been working in the association for more than 13 years.   The NIX.CZ Association is behind a number of projects, the purpose of these is to develop the industry that forms the basis for digital economy in the modern age. One of the best known and most significant is the FENIX security project and the Bird Spy tool, which was introduced last year. Every year, NIX.CZ co-organises the international Peering Days conference for network specialists and data center operators, as well as a community meeting known as CSNOG.