Neutral Internet eXchange
NIX.CZ allows you to connect, interact and share in whole new ways.


History The NIX.CZ Association is a neutral hardware platform for interconnection of networks. It also serves as a forum for sharing experience between the companies involved.

1996 – Seven members sign up for the Association, sign the Memorandum, which is then followed by the first meeting of NIX.CZ.

1997 – The launch of the first Internet Exchange Point and the start of peering.

1998 – The decision on the legal form of CZ.NIC is made (Interest group) and the Articles of Association are drafted- the Association is then registered in the public registry.

2000 – The Association reaches 20 members and has two collocations for making connections with capacities of up to 2 Mbit to 100 Mbit.

2002 – The Association turns into a professional entity, the first employee is hired and total traffic exceeds 1Gbps.

2003 – NIX.CZ implements the IPv6 protocol, two new collocations are created (which takes the total to four) and NIX.CZ joins the International Association: EURO-IX.

2005 – NIX.CZ begins to support connections using the 10GE technology; total traffic increases to 10 Gbps.

2006 – Launch of the TLD hosting service, the first TLDs are .eu, .be and .at. Peering traffic exceeds 20 Gbps.

2008 -– A Route Server service is launched and total traffic surpasses the maximum bit rate of 50 Gbps.

2009 – 100 Gbps of total data stream is exceeded and the Association starts preparations for the modification of the internal network topology.

2010 – The "ring" topology is replaced by a double star.

2011 – The peering segment range is redirected from / 24 to / 22, and the total traffic exceeds 200 Gbps. The fifth collocation is opened.

2012 – NIX.CZ performs tests of the 100 GE technology, invests into its own optical paths (the aim is to achieve a greater neutrality), total traffic exceeds 250 Gbps and the first live 100 GE connection is implemented.

2013 – The Association organizes the first international Peering Day conference in cooperation with their Austrian counterpart,, and launch a debate on options for preventing network security incidents.

2014 – NIX.CZ launched the FENIX security project. The total traffic of the node exceeded 300 Gbps. In a cooperation with second international CEE Peering Day conference was organised in Vienna. In the summer of 2014 the Association launched a debate on a possible expansion abroad.

2015 – NIX.SK opens in Slovakia. This peering node has two PoPs and runs in an island mode.

2016 – NIX.CZ Association celebrated a significant anniversary – 20 years since its creation. The employees of NIX.CZ worked with colleagues from the Montenegro University (which operates MIXP – Montenegro Internet Exchange Point) on the development and commercial launch of a neutral peering node in Montenegro.

2017 – NIX.SK began to provide its services from the Bratislava-based DIGITALIS data centre owned by VNET. Google was the first company to take advantage of this offer. Since then, NIX.CZ has been providing connectivity in Bratislava on both sides of the Danube, from two mutually independent data centres. At the meeting of the Board of NIX.CZ in May Ondřej Filip was elected the new Chairman.

NIX.CZ hosted the 31stEURO-IX Forum, which took place on 15-17 October in Bratislava. Following the CEE Peering Days conference two years earlier, the forum was another significant event to bring together foreign and local peering specialists.

2018 – The sixth annual conference of representatives of peering nodes, ISPs and datacenter operators, the CEE Peering Days was held in Berlin. NIX.CZ also participated in the organization of the first CSNOG event (Czech and Slovak Network Operators Group). In October NIX7 location opened in DC Nagano CETIN.

2019 – The seventh year of the Peering Days conference was held in Zagreb in cooperation and In the summer of this year NIX.CZ and NIX.SK became interconnected. In September, the node reached a historic milestone in data transmission - 1 Tbps.

2020 - Bird Spy software, a tool for monitoring the status of individual route servers and evaluating traffic data, was released and deployed. The 1.5 Tbps peak data rate was surpassed.



Adam Golecký:

Adam Golecký holds the CEO position of the Association of NIX.CZ. He is responsible for leading the entire team of NIX.CZ and for the financial management of the Association; he is also in charge of communication with strategic partners and represents NIX.CZ and NIX.SK both locally and internationally. He has been with the company since 2008.

Marian Rychtecký:

Marian joined a team in 2019 holding CTO position. His main responsibility is operating, supervision, security and construction of both IXP infrastructures NIX.CZ and NIX.SK. Leads technical team with responsibility for testing new technologies. Cooperating with external partners such as the RIPE NCC or EURO-IX and helps to represent Association.

David Stopka:

David is a talented developer of communication and web interfaces at NIX.CZ and is also responsible for the maintenance and operation of server technologies.

Katarína Zubková: 
Katarína has worked at the NIX.CZ Association since September 2022 as an Accounts and Communication Manager. She is responsible for correspondence and communication with the Association's members and customers, and is also in charge of organising international events. Additionally, Katarína represents the Association at domestic and international fora and conferences. 
Renata Maličká:

Renata is working in the Association as Office Manager. She is responsible for the smooth office operation and billing agenda. She organizes social events at which NIX.CZ members and customers meet regularly.

Miroslav Leták:

Mirek joined the Association as a Network Specialist in April 2018. He has great experience in networking on the telco operator side. Mirek's main task is to ensure the operation and development of network infrastructure of NIX.CZ and NIX.SK.

Marek Lang:

Markek joined the Association as a Network and Technical Specialist. Marek has a long-term experience in datacentre network and also in network and server security. His main task is to ensure the operation and development of network infrastructure and technology at both our nodes.

Jakub Tauchman:

Jakub has been working at NIX.CZ since the beginning of 2018 as a technical specialist. His main tasks are infrastructure operation, maintenance and testing; especially those of servers (Linux / BSD) and server software.


Lukáš Janás:

Lukáš joined the NIX.CZ Association in 2019, where he works as a network specialist. His job is to ensure the run of the echchange, connection of new members and customers and he is involved in troubleshooting network infrastructure issues.


Tomáš Hlaváček:

Tomáš Hlaváček joined NIX.CZ in March 2020 to help with network rebuilding and expansion, data analysis and Linux servers. Tomáš has experience with low-level programming and development of Linux kernel, networks in service provider segment and data analysis in scientific environment.

Tapeer NIX:

It is indeed symbolic that Tapeer is joining our team this year, which marks the twentieth anniversary of our peering node. And the role that our youngest colleague is going to play is not in the least small. From an early age, we want to train him to constantly monitor the smooth data flow in our node. True, he has a lot to learn, but we are confident that he will pass with flying colours. He is already a cutie.


Members of the NIX.CZ Association