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Special RIPE NCC workshop for Peering Day attendees

The second annual Peering Day conference which will take place in Vienna on March 3rd and 4th will host a special RIPE NCC workshop the day before the conference. Those who are interested are invited to register at The workshop has capacity for 40 attendees, while the conference itself, organised by NIX.CZ and, two regional Internet exchanges, is ready to host up to 250 guests. Detailed information on the conference programme is available on the conference website. Entry is free for registered guests.


The Czech Neutral Internet exchange point, NIX.CZ, presents its new corporate identity

After more than five years it's time the Czech national Internet exchange point, NIX.CZ, had an overhaul!Our corporate rebranding involves all graphics, such as the corporate logo, website, printed and promotional materials and confirms the NIX.CZ Association, one of the top 10 European exchanges, in its commitment to transparent and effective communication with its members, customers and the general public.

"Our aim is to enhance communication and increase awareness of the NIX.CZ Association as an entity with a unique position not just in the realms of the Czech Internet. Naturally, the change of the visual design is an inseparable part of our corporate communication. The corporate logo, website and other graphics are all to be replaced after 5 years of sterling service. The new version of the logo takes the shape of the letter “X” which is characteristic for our field of activities" explains Martin Semrád, executive director of the NIX.CZ Association.

The new graphic design of the NIX.CZ Association has been drafted by Lemon Design studio whose previous clients include Prague 11 district authority, The Hussite Museum in Tábor and The British International School in Prague.


EN: Seriál Jak na Internet představil svět peeringu


CEE Peering Day 2014 registrations now open

The registration for the second CEE Peering Day event (3 & 4 March 2014) is now open. Registration for attendees is available at the website. The event, which was first organized in the spring of this year, is ready to welcome 250 guests. The programme of the conference will be published in due course.  “The first day of the conference will host a RIPE workshop focusing on a number of theoretical and practical matters such as best current practices in Routing Policy Specification Language, Resource Transfers, Resource Public Key Infrastructure and building one’s own measurements. On the second day of the conference representatives of a number of Central- and Eastern-European IXs will present their exchanges and will comment on the issues of security in terms of interconnections.”, said one of the co-organizers, Martin Semrád, the director of NIX.CZ.


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