Partner program requirements

  • The partner is a member or a customer of NIX.CZ.
  • The partner utilises an already existing port or establishes a separate port with NIX.CZ (at least 1x10GE) designed for the data traffic of customers connected remotely, through the partner program.
  • The partner manages their customer relationship including sales, contracts and billing and provides the remotely connected customers with 24/7 technical support.
  • The connection of each new customer through a partner shall be subject to prior approval by NIX.CZ.
  • Each customer connected through a partner receives the appropriate IP addresses of the NIX.CZ peering VLAN.
  • Each customer connected through a partner gains access to the extranet of NIX.CZ and must comply with the Operating Rules of NIX.CZ.
  • The minimum contract term between NIX.CZ and a Contractual Partner for Remote Connection is 24 months.
  • NIX.CZ charges the partner and provides him with 24/7 technical support.